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What You Might Not Know About Selling Luxury Bel Air Real Estate

Christine Hong  |  July 4, 2022

What You Might Not Know About Selling Luxury Bel Air Real Estate

When selling real estate, it would be convenient to hand over the keys to a new owner and have your profits deposited straight into your account immediately, without dealing with the paperwork. Unfortunately, the process is much more involved than that, but with some planning, it may be possible to get through it with less stress.

None of these steps are complicated, but they all should be considered to maximize your peace of mind through the process and receive the best offer on your home. Bel Air real estate and Bel Air luxury homes are some of the most sought-after, so have your ducks in order and be prepared for the process.

First thing’s first

Chances are, you’ll sell one piece of property and either upgrade or downsize, depending upon your current situation. Either way, you need to get your finances in order, even if you have a healthy financial position and can weather the storm without too many issues.

Before you even put your house up on the market, quickly evaluate your finances, either with a financial planner or on your own, and determine which types of applications you need for loans to finance the new property. If you are fortunate to pay cash, this is far less of a concern, but remember that it is always good to have access to credit if you need it.

Updated properties

Slick buyers of Bel Air real estate and Bel Air luxury homes will notice things about a property, such as broken fixtures and outdated cosmetics. These things make a significant negative impression on buyers, much more so than the issues themselves warrant. It may sour the overall impression because if these small things were left unfinished, what more significant problems may be lurking? So thinks the buyer. It is best, therefore, to make a list of all the little things that need fixing on the property and take care of them before the first open house.

Outside space

What does a potential buyer notices about a property when they pull up the driveway for the first time? The outside space! When their eyes first land on the property, it should look immaculate! The day before your home goes on the market, walk through the outdoor space to ensure nothing is out of place or untidy. Sometimes things that aren’t exactly to the buyer’s specifications on the inside can be overlooked if the outside has that BANG factor when they first drive up.

Marching forward

Naturally, as one of the most desired areas in California and even in the United States, Bel Air real estate and Bel Air luxury homes must be outfitted to the nines when they go on the market. This is especially important with the marching forward with the technological advances in luxury homes within the last few years.

A buyer who has become accustomed to turning on their air conditioning twenty minutes before they get home using their smartphone will likely miss that in a new house. For this reason, a technology upgrade might be a good ROI (return on investment) and help the property sell much faster. Speak to your real estate agent about the latest developments in technology as it is integrated into homes and see if you can uptick the desirability of your home with technological upgrades.


As previously mentioned, the idea of ROI is critical when deciding how to prep your home for sale. Your agent will be best equipped to evaluate the best kinds of ROI projects for your specific property according to what buyers are demanding at that moment in their new home. With technology advancing so quickly, these upgrades can change year by year. Other things besides technology are appliance and fixture upgrades that make a great overall impression, a fresh coat of paint, and an updated outdoor space.

The quick offer

What this all is leading up to when selling Bel Air real estate and Bel Air luxury homes is that you want to do what you need to get a quick sale with the highest offers. All these steps will get you the best offer as quickly as possible. It’s always best practice to work alongside a trusted real estate agent instead of tackling the selling process alone. Agents will be the best people to advise you on how to proceed and get the quickest offer.

Are you looking to sell your luxury home?

If you plan to sell a home in Bel Air, you will likely understand the market since you have previously purchased a home in this neighborhood. The full-time job of real estate agents is to keep their eyes on the trends so they can help you through the process! When you’re ready to take the next step, contact Bel Air real estate agent Christine Hong for expert assistance.

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